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May 2023: Master Tung Acupuncture
Training by Shaun Goodman and Dr Gil Ton.
London, UK.

Master Tung acupuncture is a unique technique passed down through a lineage different from traditional acupuncture. It has proven to be highly effective for a wide range of conditions, providing fast and long lasting results.


September 2023: Sports Acupuncture - Method Synergie
Training by Valérie Truong
Paris, France.

This method was developed over 8 years by Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist Valérie Truong, working with high level athletes.

The Synergie Method can also be used to increase focus and boost performance before a competition.

March 2022: NADA ear acupuncture
Training by Gill Croft. Brighton, UK.

NADA stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.

This protocol consists of 5 tiny needles inserted into each ear at specific points. It is simple, safe and easy to administer.

NADA is used all over the world for various purposes, including anxiety linked to withdrawal symptoms. 

May 2022: Battlefield Acupuncture
Training by Professor John Howard. Bristol, UK.

This protocol of ear acupuncture was developed by Dr. Richard Niemtzow, MD, PHD whilst he was a US army colonel.

Battlefield Acupuncture is an easy to implement and effective protocol aimed at the immediate reduction of any type of physical pain. It is used by the US military and NATO.

January 2022: Rocktape Kinesiology Taping
London, UK.

"RockTape [...] can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and back pain. RockTape is preferred by athletes and medical professionals throughout the world."

Rocktape UK website, 2022

December 2020: Electro-acupuncture for musculoskeletal problems
Training by Stephen Lee. Reading, UK.

This training aims at teaching the practical skills explained in the teacher's book, draw on more than 30 years of experience. Electro-acupuncture is the use of tiny electrical current through the needles, with the specific aim of unblocking Qi and Blood in musculo - squeletal injuries, aches and pains.

2017-2021: Professional Licentiate in Classical Acupuncture
International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM), UK.

 "ICOM is internationally renowned for its philosophical and practical application of the Stems and Branches theory which is included in our Acupuncture training alongside Five Elements theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


The Stems and Branches theory allows Acupuncture students to go into much greater depth and breadth than that given by conventional Acupuncture approaches. Teaching Stems and Branches theory is unique to ICOM."

March 2020: Treating Musculoskeletal Conditions using Traditional East Asian and Western Medicines.
Training by Alex Brazkiewicz. Brighton, UK.

2019: BTEC Level 5 in Advanced Sports Massage
Training by Alison Dalziel. London School of Sports Massage, UK.

January to July 2019:

VTCT Level 3 in Aromatherapy

White Rose College of Harrogate, UK

VTCT Level 3 in Body MassageWhite Rose College of Harrogate, UK

VTCT Level 2 in Complementary TherapiesWhite Rose College of Harrogate, UK


Qi Motion

Logo Qi Motion Acupuncure in Valencia Spain

My name is Aymeric, and I am the owner and director of Qi Motion Acupuncture.


When I graduated as an Industrial and Mechanical Engineer in 2013,  I had no idea I would end up being an acupuncturist.  I still blame my therapist who once told me I should study acupuncture !


After doing a MSc in International Events Management and starting a PhD in Festivals Sustainability, I finally decided to give in and join the International  College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM). And I am glad I did!

I choose ICOM after researching acupuncture schools around Europe: UK, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland… However, the schools accredited by The British Acupuncture Council are recognised around the world, and it was in the UK that I could get the best training. I choose ICOM for its teaching of several techniques and school of thoughts, a knowledge I couldn't get anywhere else.

Indeed, the quality and depth of the course covered at ICOM is outstanding. Rooted in the Classical Texts (NanJing, Huan Di Nei Jing Ling Shu & Su Wen, The Great Compendium…), ICOM's teaching is true to the origin of the profession, yet informed with modern practice.

ICOM taught me techniques and theories very few places around the world can teach: in particular, Wu Yun Liu Qi, also know as the 5 Breaths and 6 Qi, or the Stems and Branches, from which come many theories used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in FengShui.


During my training at ICOM, I took a gap year to study Advanced Sports Massage, Body Massage and Aromatherapy. Today I keep learning every day, and I make sure to keep training and add to my skills, as attested by the list above.

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