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Bringing Classical & Modern Acupuncture to Expats in Valencia

Classical Acupuncture, TCM
Sports Acupuncture
NADA & Battlefield Ear Acupuncture
Cupping & Sports Massage
Aromatherapy (Essential oils)

Photo by O Palsson. CC by 2.0


To comply with current Spanish laws and regulations, I cannot use medical terminology to help you know how acupuncture can benefit you, despite the numerous scientific publications.

But I can meet you at my office, on the phone or even via a video call to let you know more about the benefits of my sessions. Of course, I do not charge for this (up to 30min).


In any case, patients' testimonials maye already give you a good idea of how I can help you. I plan to add more testimonials on this website before June 2024.

Thank you for your understanding!

Qi motion acupuncture treatments

Professional Qualifications:

  • Professional Licentiate in Classical Acupuncture (Lic.Ac.), accredited by the BAcC: 3 years of full time study, at least 3600 hours of training, including 400 hours in clinical setting.

  • Certificate in Tung Acupuncture, delivered by Shaun Goodman and Gil Tong

  • Sports acupuncture:

    • Treating Musculoskeletal Conditions using Traditional East Asian and Western Medicines, Alex Brazkiewicz 

    • Electro-acupuncture for musculoskeletal problems, by Stephen Lee

    • Sports acupuncture and Synergie Method, by Valérie Truong (method developed whilst working with high profile athletes)

  • Competency certificate in Battlefield Acupuncture (Ear acupuncture), trained by John Howard.

  • NADA protocol, (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association), an ear acupuncture protocol used in many difficult settings and situations around the world.


  • Rocktape Kinesiology tapping

  • BTEC Level 5 in Advanced Sports Massage.

  • VTCT Level 3 in Body Massage.

  • VTCT Level 3 in Aromatherapy.

First session average 90min
Follow-ups average 60min.

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Moxa by Aymeric Qi Motion Acupuncture in Valencia
Acupuncture by Aymeric Qi Motion Acupuncture in Valencia
Cupping by Aymeric Qi Motion Acupuncture in Valencia
Fire cupping by Aymeric Qi Motion Acupuncture in Valencia
Moxibustion by Aymeric Qi Motion Acupuncture in Valencia
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